August 25, 2010

Tyra Banks' New Obsession With Dinosaur Jewelry

Tyra Banks is the fashionista of all fashionistas, who is always on the lookout for fresh blood in the modeling industry as well as in the world of fashion.

Her larger-than life personality, unique ability to capitalize on her modeling and a zest for the best easily make her one of the most successful and enviable supermodels in the world. So when she flaunts her fashions, my advice would be to perk up and take notes!

Her newfound fashion pet is 21 year old, emerging fashion designer, LaQuan Smith who dressed her up in a cute caramel baby doll dress with Victorian puff sleeves for the cover of Tyra’s magazine, Tyra: Beauty Inside & Out. She combined it with Azzedine Alaia grey sandal pumps and looked nothing short of stunning. A modern-day pixie is what came to mind sans the feathery wings.

The highlight of her ensemble though was undoubtedly the giant black and white bib necklace from Basile & Pape and this is one brand that never ceases to amaze me. They gave Fergie ‘intergalactic’ a little while ago with sparkling quartz jewelry and this time it was ‘prehistoric’ for Tyra as her necklace was made out unusual materials such as chocolate agate which can be found in certain volcanic or metamorphic rocks and megalodon fossil, which (you wouldn’t believe it) is found in shark teeth! They aptly call it the Dinosaur Bib Necklace and Tyra absolutely ‘rocked’ it (pun intended).

Apart from giving your couture a more upscale look, bib necklaces shout STATEMENT when you need them to. And as the green movement hits the world of jewelry in unthinkable ways, look for natural gemstones such as turquoise, jade, wood and even bone, courtesy Tyra. These are the perfect pieces to be incorporated into those dramatic statement necklaces which will surely give a jet-sized impact!

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