August 29, 2010

Jessica Alba Goes for Gold

Machete Premiere held at The Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles, California on August 25th, 2010. Jessica Alba                                            Fame Pictures, Inc

The L.A premiere of the action thriller movie, Machete kicked off with a bang at the recently restored Orpheum Theatre in downtown L.A to which the stars of the film arrived in style in twenty bad-ass authentic low rider cars.

Jessica Alba led the pack with co-star Danny Trejo and looked amazing in an action-packed outfit herself, comprising of a black and gold sequined zigzag mini dress which she matched with black Christian Louboitin Tinazata cut-out booties.

But I was having a bizarre case of déjà vu once I set my eyes on her couture. Where had I seen it before? AH yes! Rihanna rocked a similar style on the July cover of Elle magazine in a purple and gold beaded silk version that put the spark in ‘sparkle’. Sharp edged broad shoulders, glittery material and bold colorful prints could only mean one brand – BALMAIN.

Every single look in the Balmain collection looks like a piece of abstract art and you can mark my words that the red carpet will see more of this style of dresses this season. But if you’re planning to steal Jessica’s look, here is what you should do to pull it off: Keep your hair and make-up casual but catchy. The hot 29 year old mom styled her hair in loose sexy waves which matched the zigzags on her dress too. She chose to tint her cheeks with a rosy brown blush and wore nude pink lip gloss giving off a natural fresh aura.

Moreover when you wear a show-stopping dress such as Alba’s, everything else should be kept simple including your bling. Of course a necklace would have looked rather garish with those bold prints so the Fantastic Four actress opted to stack a few stylish bangles from Aandra Neen to complete the gold look which comprised of a pewter and gold bracelet with pyramid studs and a number of thin pewter bangles with delicate gold detailing throughout.

Her wrist jewelry and cutout heels reminded me of Julia Roberts’s style for the New York premiere of Eat, Pray, Love and seeing both the leading ladies’ fashion approaches, four things are crystal clear:

Numero uno: Dresses with sharp edges are definitely here to stay and they give off a modern sophisticated look to your wardrobe.

No. 2: Cutout heels are all the rage and if you do not own a pair yet, then get yours now, pronto!

No. 3: Cover up with style with those long sleeves and high necklines to stay fashionable for the spotlight as well as the climate.

No. 4: Flaunt your unique pieces of jewelry one at a time such as a single bib necklace or that cocktail ring or a number of bangles stacked together like Jessica.

So there you go ladies – few of the vital trends for the fall with a little help from our Hollywood fashionistas. Keep rocking with style in the meantime and see you in the next blog post mi chicas!

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August 25, 2010

Tyra Banks' New Obsession With Dinosaur Jewelry

Tyra Banks is the fashionista of all fashionistas, who is always on the lookout for fresh blood in the modeling industry as well as in the world of fashion.

Her larger-than life personality, unique ability to capitalize on her modeling and a zest for the best easily make her one of the most successful and enviable supermodels in the world. So when she flaunts her fashions, my advice would be to perk up and take notes!

Her newfound fashion pet is 21 year old, emerging fashion designer, LaQuan Smith who dressed her up in a cute caramel baby doll dress with Victorian puff sleeves for the cover of Tyra’s magazine, Tyra: Beauty Inside & Out. She combined it with Azzedine Alaia grey sandal pumps and looked nothing short of stunning. A modern-day pixie is what came to mind sans the feathery wings.

The highlight of her ensemble though was undoubtedly the giant black and white bib necklace from Basile & Pape and this is one brand that never ceases to amaze me. They gave Fergie ‘intergalactic’ a little while ago with sparkling quartz jewelry and this time it was ‘prehistoric’ for Tyra as her necklace was made out unusual materials such as chocolate agate which can be found in certain volcanic or metamorphic rocks and megalodon fossil, which (you wouldn’t believe it) is found in shark teeth! They aptly call it the Dinosaur Bib Necklace and Tyra absolutely ‘rocked’ it (pun intended).

Apart from giving your couture a more upscale look, bib necklaces shout STATEMENT when you need them to. And as the green movement hits the world of jewelry in unthinkable ways, look for natural gemstones such as turquoise, jade, wood and even bone, courtesy Tyra. These are the perfect pieces to be incorporated into those dramatic statement necklaces which will surely give a jet-sized impact!

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August 21, 2010

Julia Roberts Eats, Prays and Loves Her Jewelry

Photo by: Jackson Lee/starmaxinc.com  2010   Telephone/Fax:  8/10/10 Julia Roberts at the premiere of Eat Pray Love . (NYC) Photo via Newscom
As Julia Roberts’ Eat, Pray, Love hits the theaters, she has been traveling to promote her movie from America all the way to the Far East in Japan. She was the first actress to appear in Vogue, is one of the highest paid actresses of all time, has been named one of People magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People in the World” eleven times and is an Academy award winner. Well, I’m sure there isn’t anything else left on her “to do before 40” list.

And If I was in her shoes I wouldn’t need to adopt power dressing at all. But that is what the Mona Lisa Smile actress did for the New York Premiere of her latest chick flick.

She sported a men’s-wear inspired black Stella McCartney blazer but gave it a sexy twist by combining it with a teeny pair of black tailored mini shorts by Diane von Furstenberg that exposed all 88 inches (or 82 rather) of her famous long legs. Had she removed her blazer though we would have had reruns of her micro-short body-con dress in Pretty Woman.
NEW YORK - AUGUST 10: Actress Julia Roberts attends the premiere of 'Eat Pray Love' at the Ziegfeld Theatre on August 10, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

The Tokyo press conference however was a fashion debacle of sorts as she went from sexy to saggy and her stylist should be given a good knock on the head! Yes, the multicolored floral print of her green Dries Van Noten Fall 2010 dress seemed sort of Asian but the old-lady fit did absolutely nada for her figure.

I do not even want to comment about her out-of-place green Celine ankle strap wedges. But from her neck up, Julia actually looked pretty stunning thanks to a pair of gold and diamond, tear drop earrings by Jamie Wolf which shows that the actress’ jewelry style is still intact.

The same goes for her colorful Indian-inspired jewelry by Me&Ro at the New York Premiere comprising of an ink-blue lapis bead bracelet, matching lotus lapis earrings and a gold necklace with dangling trinkets which wasn’t on her neck but innovatively wrapped around her wrist. Using your necklace as a bracelet is in fact a fun, stylish and effortless method to give off the illusion of many bangles.

Actress Julia Roberts smiles during a news conference to promote her movie Eat Pray Love in Tokyo August 18, 2010.  REUTERS/Toru Hanai (JAPAN - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT HEADSHOT)
Her jewelry provided a colorful touch to her all-black ensemble and she seemed to be in total bliss. Well Julia darling, we are totally eating up your new movie, praying for you not to repeat any ancient looks but absolutely loving your mystical jewelry!

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August 16, 2010

Drew Barrymore's Sexy Transformation

Drew Barrymore is an actress of many facades who was first labeled as a failed child star after her childhood flings with a range of narcotics but transformed herself into the respectable actress that she is now. Her onscreen roles have translated into her personal style as well.

She’s been a rebellious wild child (think Charlie’s Angels or her nude photo shoot for Interview Magazine when she was a ripe 17), uber-girly (think 50 First Dates or Never Been Kissed), or subtly simple but rarely has she given us ‘sexy’. She’s got this adorably cute face, you know, the one with pinch-worthy cheeks and pouty lips which makes it slightly harder to make a sexy impression.

But all of that changed this August and I’m not talking about plastic surgery. The 35 year old actress put the ZING in amazing for the August issue of Elle magazine, rocking a strapless black leather dress from the Calvin Klein collection that gave her a mature yet hot look on the front cover.

But all you Jewel River readers should know by now that black is always a safe bet when it comes to dressing for a night out. So how do you distinguish yourself from the 49 other women who decided to go raven as well? With some scintillating jewelry of course! It really is your bling that will make it or break it amongst the crowd for that one night fashion stand and Drew’s cuff bracelets did me in!

The Going the Distance actress wore wide mesh cuffs from Urstadt Swan that were not made of silver but stainless steel. First of all she earns some brownie points for wearing bold but delicate jewelry as opposed to her usual understated selections but the real medal should be given for her choice of material.

The popular trend this year is to ditch the familiar and go for the eclectic but that doesn’t mean you should let go of your diamonds & gold. It wouldn’t hurt (your wallet) though to try other materials every now and then. Although silver is shinier than stainless steel, the cuffs which hung chicly on her wrist could totally be worn on the red carpet.

If you think that you’re ready to take charge, hold the reins with both hands and go the real distance as a sexy femme fatale, then follow Drew Barrymore’s lead and get ready to reap the benefits.

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August 11, 2010

Megan Fox Gets Foxy with Elephants

8 August 2010 - Universal City, California - Megan Fox. Teen Choice Awards 2010 - Press Room held at Universal Studios Gibson Amphitheatre. Photo Credit: Byron Purvis/AdMedia
The MTV Teen Choice Awards left some questions unanswered. Where was Kristen Stewart when the Twilight cast needed her the most? Why didn’t the best kiss go to Taylor Lautner and Kristen in Twilight? (You've got to agree with me that it was much steamier than the one with Rob Patz. Go team JACOB!).

Most bafflingly, why in the world was Zac Efron wearing blue nail polish?! Showing off his girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgen’s girly whims and fancies in front of millions of unsuspecting viewers on national television? Not cool Zac.

But there was another hottie wearing blue that evening who probably foresaw herself winning the Choice Female Hottie Award and Choice Actress – Horror/Thriller Award because she aptly matched the colors of her chic outfit to the blue, grey and black hues on the surfboard-shaped award.

The sexy starlet was none other than the current booster to every guy’s testosterone and every girl’s envy, Megan fox and win, she did! The Transformers actress amazingly stood out like a chiseled babe on the beach as she posed with her surfboard in a two piece mini outfit when everyone else wore dresses.

She rocked a vibrant blue and white printed top and a metallic grey draped skirt from the Isabelle Marrant Fall 2010 collection and purple peep-toe pumps from Christian Louboutin. The new Armani makeup ambassador gave a final touch of glamour with Fern Freeland black and gold earrings and an array of bold rings.

But the one that drove me absolutely crazy was her diamond elephant cocktail ring from Ofira. Not only is this brunette bombshell fashion-savvy but her taste in jewelry is surprisingly impeccable too! Animal-inspired jewelry is a highly popular trend amongst the glitterati who want to make a bold statement and I’m not just talking about snake jewelry.

We’ve got owls, peacocks, dolphins and even octopuses springing up in the form of necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings but my favorite is the elegant elephant cocktail ring that elevates your outfit to a whole new level of OOMPH like how it did for Megan. She not only won awards that night but also a lot of hearts too, thanks to her sassy fashion pick and oh-so-foxy animal jewelry.

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August 7, 2010

Fergie Gets Jewelry From Outerspace

July 30, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - FERGIE AKA STACY FERGUSON.The Black Eyed Peas on ABC's ''Good Morning America'' concert series at Rumsey Playfield in Central Park , New York City 07-30-2010. 2010.K65626SMO. © Red Carpet Pictures
“I gotta feeling...that tonight’s gonna be a good night! “

It wasn’t a good night but a frikkin’ great day when the Black Eyed Peas brought the New York crowd alive in Rumsey Playfield as they performed for ABC’s Good Morning America recently. The group’s futuristic theme in their latest songs such as in “Meet me halfway” could be seen in their ultramodern outfits too that day.

As the dancers choreographed their moves in a mechanized manner, the peas churned out their famous hits amidst smoke effects. You could imagine what Fergie would have looked like against this backdrop in an electric blue mini dress by Falguni and Shane Peacock. The top and sleeves were both black and sheer which was a fine contrast to the colorful funky patterns on her toned midriff.

But the best is yet to come. Most female singers go through several costume changes at concerts. This time Fergie didn’t change her costume but her rings! She underwent THREE ring changes, each one screaming for more attention that the previous one due to their ascending size.

The seductive starlet seems to be a huge fan of the larger-than-life ring collection from Basile and Pape that welcomes jewelry lovers to unleash their wild side. ‘Untamed, raw and bold’ are what pops up in the mind when you set your eyes on this uniquely eccentric collection of bling.

The rings are made from sterling silver, colorful, eclectic unpolished gems and metals such as quartz, silicon and titanium which are getting more and more popular this year. Seeing the “Intergalactic Knuckle Ring”, the “Polar Ring,” and the “Star Love Ring” that Fergie wore at the concert, it seemed like the seductive singer went for a Martian promenade under the two moons and collected some precious cosmic stones for her rings.

So what are you waiting for? Jump into your spaceship and zoom away into space with your own bold & colorful cocktail rings. Get wild, let loose and get FERGALACTIC I say!

Image Courtesy:

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August 3, 2010

The Clinton Affair - Chelsea Ties Knot in Flowers

Chelsea Clinton looks at Marc Mezvinsky after their wedding ceremony at Astor Court in Rhinebeck, New York July 31, 2010. Bill and Hillary Clinton's daughter married her long-time boyfriend in the picturesque New York village of Rhinebeck on Saturday in what has been dubbed America's royal wedding. REUTERS/de Manio onPhotography/Handout (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS SOCIETY) NO SALES. NO ARCHIVES. FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS

Did you hear? Former president Bill Clinton was in the news recently for...hold your breath now…it was for…his daughter’s wedding of course!

America’s very own royal wedding of the century took place recently at the Astor Courts in Rhinebeck in New York where a super-flushed Chelsea Clinton finally tied the knot with her long-time boyfriend and investment banker, Marc Mezvinsky amidst the crème de la crème (sans Mr. Obama though).

Yes, there were $600,000 tents with glass walls, flowers worth half a million bucks, mobile toilets, security that costed $200,000 and yadayadayada! I shall cut the I mean cut to the chase and reveal what you’ve been waiting for – her look for the big ‘I do’ moment.

She dazzled every dollar that was invested in her custom-made Vera Wang strapless organza gown which featured a draped silk tulle bodice. The highlight of the gown was undoubtedly her bejeweled belt which gave it a modern yet elegant twist and is a fantastic style trend that any bride-to-be can emulate.

But you would be surprised by Chelsea’s choice of minimal ornaments – an understated pair of diamond earrings, matching tennis bracelet and her princess cut diamond engagement ring set in platinum. The earrings were simply a delight though and comprised of two clusters of seven diamonds that were set to resemble small flowers.

The former first daughter serves as a beacon of light to show that a few pieces of tasteful jewelry can still complement your wedding gown on that big romantic day. Now if Marc didn’t fall in love with her all over again after seeing her dainty look, then I certainly would have (with her jewelry of course).

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