May 6, 2010

Jennifer Lopez's gold snake

Us Weekly Hot Hollywood Style Issue Celebration - Arrivals

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to own a lethal snake? Snakes have always been considered as vicious reptiles and one might even cringe at the thought of a snake slithering through their fingers but not the hottest celebrities. Snake necklaces, rings and bracelets have been spotted on the likes of Rihanna, Madonna and Angelina Jolie in the past and the latest to jump on the serpent jewelry bandwagon is none other than Jenny from the block.

Recently dubbed as the “Style Icon of the Decade” by US Weekly, she showed up at the party hosted by the magazine, in a gorgeous nude Georges Chakra lace dress. Nude colors and sheer fabrics are two of spring’s biggest trends but I admire her daring choice to combine “serene” with “sexy”, by spicing up her delicate dress with a gaudy gold snake ring and gold single hoop bangles.

Snake rings may not be suited for the faint-hearted but if you do decide to go “reptile” then perhaps a flashback to the history of snake rings may reaffirm your choice. The first snake ring dates back to 331 BC during Alexander the Great’s conquest of the Persian Empire. In Greek mythology, snake jewelry was donned in honor of the Greek healing god Asclepius, who was struck down by Zeus, as he feared Asclepius would give all of mankind, the gift of immortality with his healing powers. Greeks also wore snake jewelry as a symbol of eternity, wisdom and ancestral power. The trend caught on in the 19th century and it became so popular to the extent that Queen Victoria, herself wore a sinuous snake ring.

Us Weekly Hot Hollywood Style Issue Event - Arrivals

You can go for gold-plated silver or sterling silver snake jewelry if you’re not in the mood for the real deal. You may also choose to add a snake bangle along with your ring and/or even a snake pendant to complete this wild look. But whatever it may be, once you walk into a room wearing your snake bling, you will definitely be exuding the power of an exotic princess.

Jennifer Lopez’s friend Actress Leah Remini told US Weekly the following: “Jennifer is fearless when it comes to fashion, and she is always beautiful and always takes a risk. She doesn't care what people think.” Do you think you’re one of those people? Then get ready to tame your very own snake ring and slither with style!

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