May 26, 2010

Get Ready to Get Nude with Jewelry

Don’t get startled just as yet. You may know that “nude” is the new black this spring and for those of you who have been in hibernation, nude colors are colors that range from neutral soft-flesh tones to earthy hues such as cream, peach, brown and light pink. Previously, nude colors were popular in footwear and makeup but this year they have apparently crawled their way into haute couture apparel.

However, you may ask what’s with the ‘getting nude with jewelry now.' Should you go and bare it all for the entire world to see in the name of being fashion-forward? Should you step out in the hot sun or the cold breeze (in whichever part of the world you are) in just a bracelet or a necklace and nothing else? Kate Winslet pulled it off in Titanic for Leonardo di Caprio so why not you? Hold your horses just there! The answer to the question is “none of the above”!

So what is nude jewelry? It isn’t jewelry around your neck, your wrist, your fingers or your ears but it is on your bare naked skin and Asia’s first and only nude jewelry artist, Nobuhiko Akatsuka is a connoisseur of this unconventional and sensual art form, his canvas being your body! We do remember that Chanel introduced its temporary skin art collection, namely Les Trompe- L’oeil back in February and Sarah Jessica Parker, the quintessence of novel fashion sported a tattoo herself for the Oscars, from Chanel’s collection, which resembled a delicate diamond bracelet.

But Mr. Nobuhiko’s nude jewelry is on a different platter altogether. He creates the motifs of spring such as flowers and butterflies as tattoo art, using pure gold foils and pure platinum foils to decorate the skin, thereby modernizing body painting as a sensual, stylish and sexy fashion statement. This new jewelry style was all the rage on Fashion TV lately but would nude jewelry transform into the “bare” necessities for your wardrobe? Time will tell but for now all you bold fashionistas may dare to get bare with this wild and wonderful look.

Images Courtesy: http://ryuo-wizard.exteen.com/20090124/entry-1

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