May 31, 2010

Wedding Bells for Prince William and Girlfriend Kate Middleton

The Championships - Wimbledon 2008 Day Six

He was the lovelorn prince fatigued by his royal duties and yearning for love’s true kiss. She was the innocent commoner, Cinderella, waiting to get miraculously swept away by Prince Charming. Put them together in the University of St. Andrews and BOOM, what do you get? A romantic fairytale, a rollercoaster of a fairytale that is.

Since 2001 Prince William and Kate Middleton have been in and out of the dating game, throwing the media into frenzy. But there had always been a speculation that the lovebirds would get royally hitched one fine day. And that day, ladies and gentlemen, may be very near. According to Tina Brown, an influential editor and former personal friend of Princess Diana, Buckingham Palace had “cleared its diary” to announce the engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton in early June.

Insiders say that his royal Highness plans on proposing to Kate with a dazzling 18-karat sapphire and diamond ring that he inherited from his late mother, Princess Diana. Take a look at the ring and you would agree that it gives Kate all the more reason to run around in Buckingham Palace, shouting “I DO! I DO!” Guys should know that sapphires are a sure-fire way to royally woe their sweethearts as these stones are the epitome of majesty and splendor.

So do we think this fairytale will receive its much-awaited “happily-ever-after?” If Prince William sticks to the jewelry choice he has made, it’s an “I DO” from us!

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