September 7, 2010

Jennifer Aniston Becomes Barbra Streisand For Harpar's Bazaar

Jennifer Aniston wearing the Cartier Trinity necklace
Gone are the days of huddling up on the couch with a group of your best friends each week to watch every knee-slappingly funny episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. The 10 year run of the internationally popular sitcom not only had an emotional impact on all of us, but also a cultural effect.

Three words – ‘How you doin’?’ (Yes, you’ve said that now, at least once in your lifetime, haven’t you, thanks to Joey?), the Central Perk coffee house, Phoebe’s Smelly Cat which became a youtube sensation and the list could go on. And how could we forget “The Rachel” which was the nickname of Jennifer Aniston’s ever-changing hairstyle which was immediately copied all over the world?

Aniston’s come a long way in terms of her personal and professional life and she continues to make strides in the comedy genre of movies in Hollywood. She appeared in the September 2010 issue of Harpar’s Bazaar magazine, looking as classy as ever. America’s favorite funny girl wore Versace on the magazine cover and paid homage to the legendary entertainer, Barbra Streisand by replicating her iconic fashion looks in a series of shots.

Now when current-day actresses attempt to mimic celebrated actresses of yesteryears, it almost always ends up as an experiment gone wrong. But I must say Jen nailed it – the dramatic eye-makeup, the vintage hairdos and even the cat-like nails were perfect to the tee & would certainly not have made Barbra flinch.

I feel that the Jennifer was indeed an apt choice to recapture the free-spirited nature of Barba more so due to Aniston’s similar naturally sophisticated flair. Throughout the years, the 41 year old actress’ style has changed with the times while remaining simple and classic.

The Switch actress always chose lean, figure-flattering cuts with minimal fuss, subdued solid shades and delicate dainty jewelry like the one she wore this time too in my favorite Barba-style shot, wearing the newsboy cap (from Streisand’s What’s Up Doc?) and tank top. It was the timeless Cartier trinity necklace that completed the elegant look though.

Barbra Streisand in What's Up Doc?
The necklace features three intertwined circles of gold each representing different stages in a relationship: yellow gold for friendship, pink gold for love and white gold for loyalty and costs over $1000. But if you’d like more bling for your buck, you could easily get a gold-plated sterling silver imitation piece for less or try combining three of your favorite rings on a chain for a more personalized effect.

As the trend of big and bold jewelry takes the world by storm, Jennifer Aniston shows us that delicate, understated pieces still hold a special niche in everyone’s hearts and truly defy the sands of time.

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