October 7, 2010

Top Trends for the Fall that You Can’t Afford to Miss

Sometimes history repeats itself for all the wrong reasons but in the world of fashion, history is frequently presented to us fashionistas in an updated and totally trendy kind of way. This fall, get ready to mix classic styles in a whole new palette. I’ve hand-picked some of the top trends of the season, right off the ramps, which you would instantly fall in love with.

Hues Hues Hues
TORONTO, ON - SEPTEMBER 10: Actress Blake Lively poses at 'The Town' press conference during the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival at the Hyatt Regency on September 10, 2010 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)First things first: colors. After a season of “brights”, Fall 2010 sees an arrival of grey skies outside our windows and sophisticated neutrals on our clothing such as olive, beige, navy blue, oyster grey and other subdued colors. “Nude” and black are still very popular from last season, as well as other brighter colors that rule the roost including lipstick red, orchid purple, rose.

Swing into the 70s
The 70s are back with a bang this fall and the styles give our wardrobes the much needed vintage vibe that we all crave for from time to time. By day it’s all about the high waist pants and soft sheer blouses. The look is given a twist with belted draped pants and mixing this ultra feminine style with power dressing which includes sleek cuts and tailored jackets, made popular by Julia Roberts and Blake Lively.
Complete the look with: A leather statement handbag, lots of loud layered jewelry such as rings with bold stones, neat stacks of bangles, long pendant necklaces and strings of beads or pearls.

45116, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - Saturday September 18, 2010. Hiding her baby bump under a Louis Vuitton poncho style jacket and a red and black scarf, Lily Allen has some trouble walking in her high heels, as she grabs some food at 'Eat' in London with Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw and a female friend. Photograph: PacificCoastNews.com
Capes and ponchos will be on the rise and you can pair them with stylish black leggings and complete the look with knee-high boots like Lilly Allen. A smart printed jumpsuit is another great alternative.

By night the boho chic kicks in, presenting us with shimmering flowing gowns that are loosely draped over your body with low necklines or cuts that hug your curves. For the daredevil queens out there, a pair of hot pants is the ultimate 70s item (popularized heavily by Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Alicia Keys this time around) and that also brings us to the next trend:

Wearing Your Innerwear as Outerwear
The last time we saw a shift towards lingerie as outerwear was during the 1980s AND also on Superman. Superman did it to promote a domineering image of masculine power. The reason why we ladies should do it is not a far contrast; that is to showcase a concoction of both sexuality and femininity. Think it wouldn’t suit the cold weather? Think again.

Pair that bare corsette with a pair of high waist pants and layer on a cute tuxedo jacket or wear your hot pants along with long stockings or leggings inside. This is one area where you can shift slightly from darker tones and experiment with bolder colors such as hot pink, green and blue.
Complete the look with: Layered silver chains, metal jewelry, gemstone earrings in sapphires, rubies or cubic zirconia, a single cocktail ring with a large motif.

Sheer, Cutout & Lace Clothing
45518, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - Tuesday September 28, 2010. Pixie Lott hosts a party at Gilgamesh in Camden to celebrate the launch of her new Autumn/Winter fashion range for Lipsy. Photograph:  PacificCoastNews.com
I’ve included those three styles in the same sentence due to the sheer fact (pun intended) that they can be combined together for this season. Cutout clothing, normally a style exclusive to Spring/Summer has made an updated impact this fall. Cutout pieces can be filled in with sheer fabrics to fight the cool weather in style.

Don’t forget that cutout boots and pumps are a hot basic too. Lace is simply an extension of the sheer trend and a more feminine modification of cutout clothing. The ultimate balance of wearing lace is to be romantic but not over-girly and sensual but not over-suggestive. Ashley Greene’s black and white lace dress at the MTV VMAs is a perfect example of how to combine sheer, cutout & lace clothing.
Complete the look with: Pearl earrings, extra long chandelier earrings, plenty of silver bracelets or a large cuff bracelet.

Fall Essentials
The season wouldn’t be complete without the following fall necessities: Fur (and loads of faux fur) adds instant luxury to your fall couture and appear in everything ranging from collars on jackets, full-on coats and also on boots. Coming to boots, celebrities have been donning thigh-high boots for months now and you may have been wary to emulate the look in the past but take the plunge willingly this season into boot heaven!

And all those lovely silk scarves that you had been buying can now be unleashed to add depth, color and texture to any outfit. Turtle neck sweaters or vests tucked into pants or skirts as well as hats make a comeback this season.
Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kadashian hit the streets of New York City, New York on October 4, 2010. The duo were scouting retail locations to open another store for their Dash empire. The new shop and the sisters' lives in New York will be the subject of a new Kardashian spin off reality show. Fame Pictures, Inc
Complete the look with: Diamond earrings, huge retro-inspired cocktail ring, bib necklaces for the vests.

So there you have it, the top trends for this season. Last but not the least, let me remind you that fall is when you can go crazy on the layering, be it in clothing or jewelry. Mix and match from the styles above and you would end up with a myriad of chic possibilities. But the important thing to remember is to take a trend and give it your own little personalized twist. Have a great season ahead!
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