June 21, 2010

3 Easy Steps to Become a Hollywood Star: Red Carpet Diva Cameron Diaz

Photo by: JS/SevenPix/starmaxinc.com  2010  6/16/10 Cameron Diaz at the premiere of Knight and Day . (Seville, Spain)  Photo via Newscom

In our books, stealing is permitted only for one thing. CELEBRITY LOOKS of course! Do you want to go for that hot diva look that says you rule the red carpet? Let’s steal Cameron Diaz’s wardrobe for some inspiration now shall we? Tom Cruise and Cameron have reunited in action comedy, Knight and Day after Vanilla Sky and Cameron’s look for the movie’s premiere in Seville, Spain, serves as the perfect fashion recipe for all the diva-wannabes out there. It takes two to tango and only an additional step to shine like a Hollywood star:

Step 1: Become a black beauty

Choose a sexy black outfit with some shine and the perfect pumps. Cameron rocked an off-the-shoulder draped Lanvin Spring 2010 mini dress that had a belt detail, paired with a hot pair of Lanvin pump heels. The length need not be as short as Cameron’s but it solely depends on what complements your body type. Make sure it’s not too short that you’re not even able to sit comfortably in public without feeling like a conscious crouching tiger or an unhidden dragon for that matter. Simultaneously if the dress is too long you may end up looking like Morticia Addams from the Addams family which is not necessarily a good thing.

Step 2: Accessorize with ice for spice

It goes without saying that the ice/jewelry that you choose is what will spice up your outfit. The advantage of wearing black garb is that jewelry of almost any color and gemstone goes well with it, but this is the downside as well as the possibilities are simply endless and you may spend long hours wondering what bling would bring it. But the stars do shed some light here on how to sparkle like one. The secret behind a diva’s spark is to wear something out of the ordinary. Think outside the box. It may also be helpful to think big! Bold pieces certainly magnify your celebrity presence such as a cubic zirconia cocktail ring or large silver earrings.

Cameron accessorized with jewelry from House of Lavande and Falon which included a pair of big gold cabochon earrings with turquoise stones that really brought out her eyes and a thick colorful textured Swarovzski crystal cuff bracelet. But remember the golden rule: If you wear big earrings, cut out the neck wear & vice versa. It is imperative to add a unique personal touch to your jewelry too. Cameron’s playful personality shined through her chic black look via an unusual but funky pair of gold anklets.

Step 3: Classy Hairdo & Crimson Make-up

Usually, celebrities opt for a hair updo on the red carpet because one, that is simply the age-old norm and two, it gives maximum exposure to those super-sized earrings! But hey, you could always let your hair down for the after party. Cameron wore her messy trademark updo. Last but not the least, be armed with some scarlet lipstick to get that true Hollywood chic like Cameron to complete the look. And it could be pink-red, cherry or maroon if you have a tan.

So there you have it, the three fashion steps to red-carpet success. Ladies, it’s SHOWTIME!

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'Gotta Love your blog...It's so...insanely beautiful!


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Hey Franceso..are u a fashion fanatic like me :)thnx for the great feedback! im really glad u like it! keep following Jewel River..

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