June 16, 2010

Get Charmed by Xbox 360's Kinect & Abigail’s Charms Necklace

13 June 2010 - Los Angeles, California - Abigail Spencer. Xbox 360's Project Natal Premiere Party held at USC's Galen Center. Photo Credit: Byron Purvis/AdMedia

“Look Mommy, no hands.”

I’m not talking about riding a bicycle without holding the handle bars, although you probably can ride a bicycle without holding anything at all with Micosoft’s Xbox 360 Kinect, the next era of the Wii. The revolutionary difference is that Kinect is a motion control system that allows players to take part in full-body, physically-interactive video games without the use of ANY REMOTE or gaming console! Now how cool is that?

Thousands of Hollywood stars, VIPs and media from around the world gathered at Los Angeles’ Galen Center to witness the unveiling of Kinect, said to be the future of gaming entertainment, on the 13th of June 2010 amidst an extravagant fanfare of dancers, acrobats, meteorite touchdowns, rotating living rooms, gigantic elephant puppets and vibrancy, all inspired by Xbox 360’s Kinect.

Ivory actress, Abigail Spencer sparkled in the crowd, wearing a serene cream strapless dress with a colorful printed border, red peep-toe heels and a charming smile! She enamored us even more with her double stranded gold charms necklace with a cross as the centerpiece, surrounded by delightful leaf charms.

Gold and silver charm jewelry including bracelets and necklaces has been very popular amongst the stars and are worn to show your pure individuality as no two charm pieces can be alike since you decide the type and number of charms you want on your jewelry. What makes this type of jewelry even more special and romantic is the fact that each charm has a unique past and story behind its arrival and can be a great conversation-starter at a party. It could be a symbol of love or a reminder of someone. Keira Knightley wore a charm representing a sword and a boat when she began to film Pirates of the Caribbean. You can see why charms make for exceptional gifts as well for a loved one.

You may have to wait until November 14th 2010 to get Xbox 360’s Kinect but there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from acquiring your distinctive charm necklace this very second and making your own dazzling mark in history with each delicate charm.

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