July 18, 2010

Ashley Greene's Psychic Jewelry

Ashley Greene attends the Espy Awards on July 13, 2010 in Los Angeles (photo by: ShutterSpeed/ Meet The Famous) Photo via Newscom

Here’s a Twilight fun fact: The eyes of a vampire who feeds on animals, are said to be a deep golden color whereas the eyes of a bloodthirsty vampire who feeds on human beings are said to be red just like the short lipstick red Versace dress that Twilight Eclipse actress Ashley Greene chose to wear during the ESPY Awards in Los Angeles.

Needless to say, all eyes of the hungry paparazzi as well as other celebrities were on the gorgeous actress as she showed off her bare shoulders along with a black clutch from Raven Kauffman Couture and black Brian Atwood pumps.

The hot 23 year old plays the role of Alice Cullen, a petite vegetarian vampire who has the power to foresee the future. Perhaps the jewelry she sported on the red carpet has something to do with her psychic abilities. Here’s why. Ancient beliefs relate that subsequent planet movement provided a map of a person’s moods and decision making process.

Consequentially Ashley chose only a single jewelry piece in the form of a black, eclectic stone-studded cuff bracelet by Padma Lakhsmi. The cuff is from a micro collection called Nav which is based around traditional Hindu beliefs, incorporating nine precious stones into one jewelry piece, which represent the nine planets that harness the stones’ energy which is said to give the wearers balance and harmony, as not just one planet is pulling them in one way.

Ashley also shows us that wearing just a single jewelry piece can do wonders to uplift your outfit. No wonder she exuded a mystical power on the red carpet just like her counterpart, Alice Cullen in Twilight who not only foresees the future of every soul on the planet but also has Jasper hooked to her vampire hotness!

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