July 1, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Reinvents Herself with Leggings and Layered Chains

Keri Hilson’s trend-setting inverted inner wear and chunky chains have seemed to rub off on diva-in-distress, Lindsay Lohan. In her new promotional campaign for her spring/summer 6126 leggings collection, the hard-partying actress actually looked like she may have converted into a chic fashion phoenix. Lohan is set to pose in the nude for a new set of shots for her handbag line but for the leggings collection she was completely clad of course.

The 23 year old showed off her fabulous curves and legs in a white corsette with shiny black leggings. Lindsay darling, don’t you realize that you do look good with your clothes on?! And it looks like her alcohol-monitoring anklet is not the only jewelry that the diva possesses. She nailed it with her bling by following in the footsteps of Keri Hilson, rocking a silver delicate layered necklace that completed her sexy outfit to perfection.

The name of the leggings collection was inspired by sex-symbol, Marilyn Monroe’s birth date, June 1 1926. But let’s hope Lindsay doesn’t parade her way into destruction like the fallen idol. Now all she needs to do is to revive her cherry red hairdo & pre-party monster attitude & she will be on her way to fashion redemption.

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Allison The Imp said...

Lindsay does look like she's doing better. If she added a tutu she'd be rocking Madonna's 80's look. Virgin, anyone?

Anonymous said...

Wow you're right Allison..gotta luv the 80s! But cud she pull off Madonna?

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