July 5, 2010

Paris Hilton's True Colors

Socialite Paris Hilton brightened up Robertson Blvd in Los Angeles, California on June 28, 2010 as she shopped around. Paris browsed a clothing store with her sister Nicky Hilton before heading over to the MAC cosmetic store for a few items. Paris rocked the colors of the rainbow in a stripped dress accessorized with a headband, a large colorful necklace that seemed to be apart of the dress, gold heels and a large gold handbag.  Fame Pictures, Inc

Paris Hilton has not always made the right decisions in life. But when it comes to her wardrobe, boy oh boy, the hotel heiress sure knows how to sparkle (almost). She was spotted at Roberstson Boulevard with her sister, Nicky Hilton, in Los Angeles recently, doing what she does best. Shopping of course! But did her dress do her justice?

Paris served as eye candy for the paparazzi, literally, wearing a long rainbow-like striped maxi gown, the colors of which may have been right for the summer but overall, made her look rather like a colorful party balloon or a pregnant woman in her first trimester.

She could have really shined had the dress been converted into a short vibrant tank top, matched with a pair of black-blue denims. Nonetheless her jewelry may have been the saving grace for her, during the diva’s day out.

The multi-millionaress simply could not leave her gold behind as she accessorized with a jeweled headband, chunky gold bracelet & a gold cocktail ring on either hand. And how could one not miss the overpowering multihued bib necklace? The neck piece was without doubt, the showstopper of her look and comprised of a yellow crochet centerpiece surrounded by a combination of colorful crochet designs and large irregular-shaped beads.

Well you certainly need not to be a millionaress to whip on a fancy beaded necklace. Beads are all the rage this summer and they come in various sizes and shapes. You can try a beaded necklace or bracelet that really helps in revealing your playful and fun persona.

As for Paris Hilton who is usually seen in pink, pink & pink, due credit needs to be given for her new fashion efforts. The 70s fashion hippy look suits you girl, but next time, go easy on the stripes!

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